Five Great Gifts for Artists

With my birthday month approaching fast I’ve been thinking about what would make a great gift for an artist. Here are my top five gifts for the artists in your life:

  • Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Bamboo Box* This is a beautiful gift for anyone interested in watercolour, with twelve tubes of rich watercolour, great watercolour paper and accessories including brushes, a pencil and a sponge all encased in a bamboo box. It would be perfect for travelling and painting outdoors.
  • Ceramic Palette* These palettes are a fantastic addition to an artist’s workshop as ceramic palettes help keep paint wet and usable for longer than a plastic palette.
  • Hand-iced Biscuits Artists appreciate beautiful handmade items, and these biscuits are exactly this (plus, they taste amazing).
  • Mini Easel* These tiny easels with matching canvasses would be a fun gift to play with once the birthday celebrations were over.
  • Art Socks* Although an original Monet or Van Gough is most likely out of the questions, everyone can own a piece of art with these socks! These would be a really fun and unique gift.

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